“The medium is the message” – Marshall McLuhan

Story driven Project Management that is detail oriented.

Execution of scalable multi-phase projects from A to Z.

Deep dive analytic reporting and decisions making.

Intelligent Design for user interface and process efficiency.

Project Management

 The MEMEFLOW intake process provides accelerated project onboarding and rapid clarity through deployment. We provide fully conceived project management that connects decision makers with meaningful data about digital projects. Ideal for cost accounting and scaling developments. Through our Agile approach accompanied by tools like  Teamwork PM and JIRA we will improve your workflow, transparency and efficacy. “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast:” – Perter Drucker.

Big Data Strategy

MEMEFLOW strategies turn problems in to opportunities. We provide data backed answers and test hypothesis in an always changing environment.

Our analysts tune down the noise and let the important data communicate directly. A data centric strategy is the foundation of business success.


MEMEFLOW develops and launches new digital products that often become new businesses for our clients. We focus on creating experiences that will be embraced by users; business models that drive ROI; and operational plans that allows the product to thrive as an ongoing operation.


We create meaningful marketing programs for our clients based on audience insights and analysis of user needs. The result is a clear strategy and creative ideas implemented across all relevant channels, driving awareness, enabling new behavior, and creating revenue.


MEMEFLOW connects brands with consumers by building communities, reaching influencers, and developing exceptional, user-centric content. Our expertise stretches from social business strategy to content development, community management, application builds, and API integration.


MEMEFLOW is recognized as one of the industry’s leading agencies in mobile design and development. Our expertise extends from building mobile websites and mobile advertising to applications for tablets, connected televisions and gaming consoles


MEMEFLOW helps companies create and evolve brands that resonate with target audiences and create long-term competitive advantages in the marketplace. We help translate strategy into clear, visual brand attributes that are built to work in a multi-channel digital environment


We help companies identify new business models, markets, and revenue enabled by digital, employing financial modeling to dimensionalize each opportunity. We provide organizational consulting services and technology roadmaps with detailed implementation plans to help companies evolve to become digitally drive businesses.


A comprehensive approach to search is essential to the performance of any digital business. We work with our clients to create search-aware organizations, ensure web properties are optimized for search, and create content that maximizes traffic and drives desired outcomes.


Digital properties depend on exceptional content to be valuable to their users. MEMEFLOW creates the video, photography, animation, and editorial content required for vibrant digital communication and ensures it reaches its target audiences through search, syndication, and promotion.


MEMEFLOW uses data to develop “segments of one” that span intelligently across email, mobile, personalized Web experiences and social media platforms. Our capabilities include audience modeling and segmentation, list development, email campaigns; loyalty programs, social and mobile CRM, and analytics.

Future planning

MEMEFLOW analyzes your business to identify your present technological state and future goals. We present 5-10 year plans to put you ahead of the curve. Building for a rapidly changing tomorrow. Perfect for avoiding hype and planning budgets.


Business Triage. A high level deep dive SWOT (Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis of your digital process paired with on demand DEV OPPS. This  will make wide sweeping, rapid change with measurable empirical results in the shortest time span possible.


MEMEFLOW has created some of the world’s most influential digital experiences, generating new revenue for our clients each year. Our work includes e-commerce, content and community sites, as well as Web applications, intranets, and brand platforms.



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