About Us

Who Are We?

Our digital philosophy can be summed up by the concepts of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a systematic approach to the harmonization of people and their surrounding environments. We have taken this approach and digitized it. The internet works on similar principals to the rest of our society and the natural world. We search to find the path of least resistance between you and your consumer. We then build your sites, marketing campaigns, and technology solutions to be a smooth and easy portal for your MEME’s to FLOW. Hence we are memeFLOW.

Woman fingers holdings gold puzzle

Our goal is to humanize the data, the statistics, and the search algorithms so that you can gain a better understanding of your company’s work space and harmonize your websites to draw in that traffic. We feel you should always be in control! This is your site, your property and an extension of you. It should be on your server, owned by you, and under your name. In today’s day and age you need to be vigilant about controlling what is rightfully yours. Technology should not be a black box of intimidating information. It is a part of your business, your brand, and you. It is important to understand these resources and have access to it like any other part of your business.

We know things change. That’s why we approach technology with a perspective of fluidity. A strategy that allows us to plan for change. For example Marshall McLuhan who is famously remembered for coining the terms “The Medium is the Message” and the “Global Village”, once gave a speech to a typewriter company. He told them that one day soon every house would have a computer. They laughed at him! That company was IBM.

Isaac Asimov, known as the “Godfather of Science Fiction” wrote numerous books about time travel and outer space, and is famous for creating the “Rules of Robots” that are used in almost every movie, story, and robotic technology today. Yet, in one of his novels about futuristic earth, a man was running for his life in search of a pay phone. Asimov, with all his genius  and creativity, was unable to imagine a cell phone.

The identification and creation of your memes is only half the battle. Ensuring the “FLOW” of memes to their receptive audience is the other. And that means staying on top of your product, your industry, trends, and developments in technology. We apply the scientific method to constantly test and re-test hypotheses. The world is in constant motion; your on-line strategy should be too.

Playing With Others

Jim Collins, in his book “Good To Great”, did an analysis of the Fortune 500 companies. His purpose was to find out what commonalities existed between the companies that stayed in this list, and those that only made brief businessmens' handshake over contract and penappearances. We hate to spoil the ending of a good book, but the main factor was the Charisma and Philosophy of the CEO. The stereotypical Super Human CEO with all the vision, with all the control, that drove the company from a garage to the top of an industry was incapable of creating a sustainable company. The companies that stayed in this elite group were the ones that encouraged and welcomed collaboration and listened to their team members, employees and clients.

We Play Well With Others.

If you have a marketing group, a graphic designer, a videographer, web development individual or team, or even an internal IT team, we will work with them. We thank you for considering us to be part of your team. We are the players and you are the coach. You give us our role and we will do what needs to be done in that role for the team to succeed.

Who We Really Are….

That all sounds nice, but who are we really? How can we tell you who we really are?  We could show you our resumes, our education, our titles, a list of our clients and/or products etc…., But these are all things that people hide behind. They don’t represent the present or the future. The upper management of memeFLOW share a common belief in this area: the best way to know someone is to scan their book shelf.

Yes books, the paper kind! We all love our phones, our computers, our kindles and e-readers. But we at memeFLOW all love our books. In the words of Ray Kurzweil, “You create your brain from the input you get.” The best way to get a true and real sense of who we really are is to scan our book shelf. Here is a list of some of our favorite and most influential titles.

The memeFLOW virtual book shelf: