Assumptions, Decisions, and Outsourced think tanks: Analytics and Online strategies

The amount of data available to you about your own business, your online traffic, your competitors, and your target market is breath taking. Seriously, the majority of business have no idea that a treasure ches of infomration in the form of data and analytics is available to them. Further, the majority of those that are aware, either do not have the expertise or the human capital to make use of it.

For some businesses, a website is just an online business card. It is static, never changing, and does next to nothing to achieve financial or branding goals. The assumptions-decisions-and-outstourded-think-tanksimportant questions to ask are

  • Who is your real online market
  • How well do I now my online industry?
  • How well do I know my clientele? I mean by this do you  know them in the way that you would in a brick and mortar location.
  • Do I know who my real online compeition is? Not necessarily people in the industry but rather the Website that already have the attention of your target market.

Think of a brick and mortar store front. Multiple times a day you would be cleaning up and rearranging, distributors come in weekly and monthly to rearrange their products to increase sales, sale items are moved to the front of the store and on to special racks, your representatives / employees are in the stores seeing and talking directly with your clientele, and most importantly you choose the location of your store and may at some point move to a new location.

That’s a lot of work and regular changes and reassessments. Do you put this much work into your online presence? You
should! This is exactly what we do at memeFLOW. There is so much data available to you that you just don’t have the time or the resources to understand it and translate init a common language to be discussed at a strategy meeting.

Your website needs to change more than a store front. Your clientele and the search engines need to see that you are constantly staying relevant. Your target market may not be who you think they are. There may be information in the data about a target market that you have never addressed or serviced.

No one knows your business better than you. But in today’s internet age, the odds of you really knowing your market is slim to none if you are not spending the time and energy studying and interpreting all of the data that today’s new age has to offer.

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Points to consider that will be addressed in future blogs

  • Your real competition is not the company selling similar products but the online locations of where your target market is most easily accessed
  • Relevance: What does it mean? And how to convey it
  • Search Engines: They are a business delivering a product
  • Being There: Being in the right place at the right time
  • Online Trust: search engines and target markets
  • Social Media: Who are you really talking to and what is the value of a like or a share