Choosing the right teams: Development, Social Media, and Digital Marketing

For the sake of full transparency, the goal of this blog is totally self-serving. That being said it also contains valuable information on how to manage youy internal team and/or choose a team that isn’t us.

Does it matter who builds your website or runs your social media campaign? After all it is much cheaper to hire an offshore team to build the same site that a high end North American company could build. And teenagers and young adults understand this “Social Media” thing better than anyone so why not have them do their thing. Their probably better and cheaper. It’s all the same, right?

No. It’s not. It’s really really not. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the cost effectiveness of the above options are the correct move for a company. The decision is also based on your industry and what you’re the goals and desires are for you online presence.

Let’s us consider a few concrete examples to make sure we are all on the same page.

  • A kitchen needs to be designed by someone who cooks, or understands the intricacy of effective useful kitchen design.
  • A car needs to be built by a team that has the driving experience in mind. Not just how it looks or feels to sit inside
  • An architect needs to consider living in the house, such as location of the bathrooms, flow of movement, climate of the area etc….
  • A personal shopper must think about the client’s personality, social life and body type. Simply choosing one of the many things that are in style may be socially and professionally damaging to the client.
  • We elect politicians based on policy and qualification and not just on personality, emotions, and soundbites… oh wait. Scratch that one…..

When it comes to your online presence the goal is to find the path of least resistance. Maximum traffic for minimal work. missing-puzzel-1Like choosing the right location for a business can have significant impact on, sales, walk by traffic, shipping, taxes, etc… depending on the industry and clientele.

Building the right website means doing the necessary research on who your online clientele is. It also means constantly reanalyzing that data to be sure your site is dynamically adjusting to changes in the industry. Creating and managing a relevant and effective Social Media presence depends on goals and focus. Getting likes and shares are not the only measures.

Questions like, are these people relevant? Is it driving traffic to your site? How to measure? Is it really on target? … Your social media strategy is dependent on understanding your business and its landscape, not just being good at social media. Not all traffic / attention is created equal.

Running the most cost effective Digital Media campaign means identifying your key market and targeting them on the sites with the least industry competition. Your real competition is not necessarily in-industry. Real competition is anyone that has the attention of your key market. So the goal is to identify the cheapest and most effective place to target them.

Did your, or does you team consider all of the above and invest the necessary human capital to answer these question? And now the pitch…

memeFLOW is a North American team with experience in sales, business development, technology, and a multitude of industries. We are thinkers, strategist, and developers. In that order. We think, then we strategize, and then we develop. And in between each step we communicate because no one knows your business better than you. Having a development team with excellent communication skills and a firm understanding of you, your business, and its industry may be costly upfront, but the ROI on implementation and maintenance is exponential.

It’s almost as if the students of Plato and Aristotle became developers and studied how search engines work. We are constantly intrigued about new products and industries. And unlike most developer’s, we love interacting with people and other coders (they can be strange and not always classified as people in the colloquial sense, but I am sure you know this already). Or you could just out source it all to an offshore team and a young kid who lives in Social Media world.  Either way, please subscribe to our blog and stay relevant.

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