Communicating with Robots and Man: Your site may not be saying what you think.

I believe that we take communication for granted more than anything else in Human history. Every time we express an idea or a thought it is truly a mystical experience. A thought has no weight, no mass, no color. We don’t even know where it exists in the brain. It is simply not physical.

The amazing and unbelievable creatures that we are, take this non-physical thing and translating it into neurons and chemicals. We then use our speech apparatus to translate it into moving air particles (or arbitrary squiggles on a page like this). If that wasn’t enough then those moving particles are translated to digital information to travel through space, or phone / internet wires and hit another person’s ear drum. The vibrations of this ear drum are translated back into chemicals and neurons and then again into this metaphysical idea or thought. Wow!

It’s absolutely amazing if your think about it. We could go on… Now imagine communicating with another species. Not just another language, that’s hard enough, but another species that doesn’t think in the same way. That can’t be creative, or has no drives or desires. Or simply just thinks about the world in a totally different way, from a perspective you couldn’t possibly understand or imagine.

Pretty cool right? Well, this happens every day. Every time a search engine robot visits your site it assesses your site from a computer’s perspective. The computer decides what you are, what you are about, in which search results you should be delivered, and what key words and queries that will lead to your site. Not from a Human perspective of images and design – from a computer perspective of straight code.

So here is the killer question. How much time did you put into looking at your site from this perspective? Who built your site? Because if it was someone that didn’t understand your industry, your product, your vision, then odds are they built a site that was only meant for humans.

That’s not good enough in today’s day and age. Because what the search robots think of your site is just as important as what a human think of your site. And 99% of the time these things are different.

Having the right team develop and maintain your online presence (Site, Social Media, Digital Ads, etc..) makes the difference between swimming upstream and or fighting the traffic, and crating the perfect memeFLOW for your target market to naturally and easily find and gravitate to your site. Find the path of least resistance and the build your site and or create your marketing strategy specifically for that path. Decide where you are going and what the weather will be before you pack for a long trip with no refunds.

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