Choosing the right teams: Development, Social Media, and Digital Marketing

For the sake of full transparency, the goal of this blog is totally self-serving. That being said it also contains valuable information on how to manage youy internal team and/or choose a team that isn’t us. Does it matter who builds your website or runs your social media campaign? After all it is much cheaper […]

What is Relevance?

Relevance is the keyword and concept for anyone who wants to have a successful online experience. Step 1 is to know what it is you want or need. Relevance for branding is significantly different from relevance for sales. These are often very different campaigns and / or landing pages of your site. It is important […]


Assumptions, Decisions, and Outsourced think tanks: Analytics and Online strategies

The amount of data available to you about your own business, your online traffic, your competitors, and your target market is breath taking. Seriously, the majority of business have no idea that a treasure ches of infomration in the form of data and analytics is available to them. Further, the majority of those that are aware, […]