Money Vs Relevance in Search Results

Its easy to be #1 in Google theoretically. Just pay enough money and boom! There you are. But in reality, it’s not that simple. The most important question to address is to whom you are being displayed? Because being #1 to an irrelevant searcher is NOT RELEVANT to you or to your business. Because if you don’t know where you are aiming whether you hit the target or not says absolutely nothing about you in any way.

What is a Search Engine? It is a business like any other that has clients and is trying to balance

  • ROI in the product they are money-vs-relevancedelivering and
  • the customers happiness and likeliness to return for future transactions.

I am willing to bet that the majority people reading this blog have never thought of a search enging from this perspective. Now think about how all the google searches that you have done. The search engine needs to make a profit and therefor needs you to be a happy, returning customer for future searches.

Let’s use a restaurant as an example. Let’s suppose a restaurant uses Heinz Ketchup. Everyone loves Heinz. 2 new ketchups come to market, A-Ketchup and B-Ketchup. The A brand is okay, not as good as Heinz, and the B ketchup is absolutly horrible.

Both company A and company B want the restaurant to use their ketchup. Normally they would discount prices, offer incentives etc… For the sake of the example lets pretend that they will give the product for free and pay the restaurant to use their product. The restaurant must balance increased income with customer satisfaction. They would, without question, charge company B a lot more money to use the product because they know their customers won’t like it. If ketchup B is bad enough than there would be no amount of money could balance the potential negative reaction from their patrons.

Search engines work the same way. Search engines have 2 hypotheses operating as facts at all times:

  1. What they think your site is about (Future Blog topic, follow us so you don’t miss it)
  2. What they think you are looking for (Not necessarily what you are looking for. Future Blog topic)

Once both these assessments have been made they:

  • balance relevance: what product best suits the searcher, and
  • factor in paid advertising for specific products and pages

Just like the ketchup example, even though the clients will be happiest with Heinz we can make a lot more money and retain customers by using brand A. Using brand B is risky so the profit margin must be much higher to take the chance of losing customers.

If you have read this far in the blog then what I am saying must have relevance to you and or your business. memeFLOW can help you turn these ideas into profitable business strategies. Making sure your Website, Social Media, and Digital Marketing is relevant to your key demographic. We can help you online pressence so that it has a significant impact on your profit margins and future success.

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