Phones That Fold Out To Tablets

There are not a lot of devices that excite us. Most of the time we see tech that incorporates subtle updates that gradually improve functionality. Or design updates that minimally improve function. In the last year there have been some great new innovative tech products that have a real chance to disrupt the way that things are done.

  • Devices that fully replace all other devices
  • Virtual & Augmented reality
  • Artificial intelligence

In the last week it has been announced that there is a new format of smartphone coming to the market this year. A smartphone that folds out to a full size tablet. There are already rumors about three companies with plans to have devices released by the end of the year, LG, Microsoft and Samsung. What really makes these products exciting is not just the ability to morph your phone into a more functional device for work, but the hardware that is going into these devices. Since some time in 2016, top of the line phones are getting components that traditionally were only found in middle to high end computers. Dedicated GPU units, efficient multi-core processors, significant amounts of RAM, and an increasing number of ways to display content on a variety of screens easily.

When you start to add all of these changes up, we can start to envision a future where a “mobile” device is the only device one needs. With the computing power to deliver VR, augmented reality, and productivity solutions. This might be the generation of tech that really does give us the ability to have a single device that meets all our computing needs. Let us know your thought in our poll below: