Apps and Mobile Solutions

App development

The first question that we need to ask is what type of app do you need? Is it a game? Is it informational? What functionalities does you app need? There 36768098_lare huge differences in apps and the resources needed to create an app. There are even times when an app may not be the most viable idea.

When you bring your app idea to us no matter how big or small, we first make sure to fully understand what you are want to achieve. Only then can our team design and build out your app.

We have specialized in creating apps that deliver content and focus on end user relevancy. As content creators, we know how important it is to simplify the process whenever possible. This means, a centralized back-end that updates a website, iOS app, and android app. Why? Because maintaining apps should be simple. Best of all we can build almost any kind of advanced functionality into your app.

Web apps

When is a site more than a site? When it is an app and mobile site all in one. What is a webapp? A webapp is a user pressable website that has built in functionality allowing you to press it into an icon right on a smartphone for easy access. HTML 5 allows websites to be applications with advanced functionality.  Our websites feature a true standalone mobile framework specific for small screens. This is what makes our sites look great on phones and pressed into apps without installing anything.