Scientific Method: A defined repeatable process

Every marketing project begins the same way, we gather data, put forth a hypothesis, define the tools and variables, run the marketing, carefully record the data, and then form conclusions. This ensures that there are always clear rules in place that define a campaign. It means that we achieve repeatable results, not because of creativity or luck but a carefully structured process.

The data that is mined from the internet is what makes this all possible.

Marketing services:

Website Review

  • Call to Action
  • Shopping Cart / Lead Form Flow Analysis
  • Analytics Review
  • Onsite Code Review (HTML, CSS …)
  • Navigation Layout Review
  • Page Content

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Review

  • Efficiency Analysis / Audit
  • Campaign Structure
    • Ad Group & Keyword Review
    • Ad Copy Review
    • Conversion Tracking Check
  • Landing Page / Destination Page Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review & Report

  • Onsite Content and Optimization Report
  • Search Engine Rank Position Report
  • Detailed Backlink Check Report
  • Internal Site Linking Structure Report
  • Internal Page Rank Report
  • Competitive Review
  • Social Media Review

 Old School vs New School

The days of static marketing are long over. The internet is a two way street. It is a complete form of communication. In terms of marketing, it is the difference of speaking at people or holding a dialog.

Imagine the following scenario: Company A is a store in a shopping mall. The owner of Company A has the ability to track the movements of every person that comes in to his store. The exact path they walk, which signs they look at, which items they touch. He has information on their age, gender, where they live, what other stores they have been to, how often they come to his store, and much much more.

The owner of Company A has 2 choices. Use all this information or Ignore it. What would you do?

~1448897054~Bridge-the-gapDroves of customer data exists and is accessible. One of our main goals in memeFLOW marketing is to tap in to and then humanize all this data and open the black box of online data for you. Its not just about pushing your message out, but rather about creating a positive feedback loop for you to learn, adapt, and adjust your business strategies based on real market data specific to you.

Lets take our imaginary scenario one step further. Imagine for a moment that you could create a unique entrance for each type of customer. If you could virtually move all the products that you think a particular customer would be interested in to the front of the store, would you? Of course you would.

This is the value of having multiple landing pages. Not all customers are created equal. If you have all the information that we mentioned above and apply the data to business decisions, why would each customer come to the same page of your site? After all, you know their gender, age, geographic location, and what they are looking for. Each ad campaign should have its own unique landing page. Landing pages can also be used as feedback to test concepts for success to improve your main site.

You would never ignore this data in any other area of your business. Why do it here? Let us help you. Call or Email us today to set up an introductory consultation.

“If scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims.” Dalai Lama XIV