Websites and Web-Solutions

What is a Website? What should it do?

Your website needs to be an extension of you or your business. It needs to embody your message, to both computers and people, in a clear and

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understandable way. It must be more than just words on a page!

Part of our service is designing a site that is on your level, so you can maintain, adjust and adapt it as you see fit. This is your site! You own it! It represents you! We want you to be a proud participant and take ownership of your online presence.

The best site in the world with the most amazing graphics and content may be meaningless and useless. Take flash for example, looks great, cant be found by search engines.  The point is,  if you don’t know what your goals are then you wont get a product that meets you needs.

Smart-site / Future Proof

A website is inherently dynamic. It needs to able to adjust to different screen sizes and devices. If your site doesn’t work on the screen size of just one of your customers, you may lose your competitive edge! All of our sites are responsive. This means that your site will look and behave properly on a desktop computer, a tablet, and a mobile device.

Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android are also available. Whenever possible, the apps we design share a core database with their companion site, his means that you only need to upload content to one location. This makes it easy to manage a complex digital footprint.

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SEO Ready

Most people would say SEO is about being number on one Google. It is perceived as an intangible service that digital wizzards do. The truth is SEO is a philosophy and a practice, there is no magic, just hard work. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, starts at the code level and continues into the structure of the site and on every page. It is about logic and order and machine intelligence. In the world of search, it doesn’t matter what you think the site is about, it only matters what the search engine thinks your site is about, and how traffic responds.


Rapid site conversions

If you presently use a CMS that is not WordPress, struggle to maintain your site without a CMS, or find yourself uncomfortably dependent on

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developers and web designers, it is probably time to upgrade! WordPress is robust, easy to use and maintain. Our team will rapidly recreate your site in a customized WordPress theme.

  • 6 million sites depend on WordPress
  • 22% of new U.S. registered domains run on WordPress
  • gets more unique visitors than Amazon (U.S)
  • 6 New posts every second.

If you would prefer a custom made site without a CMS we will be more than happy to assess your needs and concerns to find the best solution for you or your business. Our development team is proficient in, modern web languages from HTML5, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, CSS, Ruby and Ajax. We develop Advanced CMS Solutions to meet the custom needs of clients. From custom themes and plugins to detailed processes, we have solutions to automate and simplify tasks. If you have a custom database to transfer into a new site we migrate your data.

We build sites with one basic philosophy. Keep it simple. This means sites that are logically organized, clear user roles, shared databases for sites and apps, and automation whenever possible. Even when the sites have a high complexity they still seem simple to use. Our advanced CMS development services include but are not limited to;

  • Ecommerce
  • News/media platforms
  • Information/education Platforms
  • Lead Gen and Lite CRM

Multi-site Deployment

Multi-site projects are perfect for large scale organizations that share resources between different divisions. These sites allow users to login to any of the sites and keeps all resources on a common database. This makes it easy to share graphics and content from one site to another, and maintain vast hierarchy of roles for employees. Multi-site builds are seen most often in eCommerce and publications. These sites are more are much more complex than a standalone CMS.