The Similarities of Watches and Websites

Did you ever think about how much a watch says about you? Have you ever thought about what a website says about your company? There are thousands of time pieces and watches to choose from. Ranging from dollar store and toys for kids to long term investments and wearable time pieces more expensive than some cars and homes. There are also thousands of choices to be made when building a website for your business and everyone makes a different statement to your consumer whether you are a aware of it or not.

Different watches have different features and attributes that might be good for one set of circumstances and completely wrong for another. At the same time, a watch represents a set of useful functions on a personal, day to day level. A website is no different. It has a set of useful and necessary features and it also needs to be designed and adjusted to suite the audience whose attention you are attempting to capture.

Imagine you’re going on a vacation. Are you going to take your most expensive watch to wear to the beach? How about a Track and Field Coach who is measuring time? A Business person or socialite who must look the part for his clientele, colleagues, or social group. How about a child? Each situation requires a different solution.

Websites have exactly the same process, except most business and people skip the crucial step of this analysis. What are my watches-and-websitesgoals for the site? Who does it need to reach? Where are my clienteles online and how do I make it a smooth transition from where they are to where I want them to be (i.e. my site as opposed to a competitor, or my site as opposed to Facebook). In the same way as a Rolex or Patek Philippe says something different about you than a Swatch or a Timex, you need to ask what your website says about you.

Just like Watches and Time pieces’ websites come in an array of options. Sometimes a cookie cutter low monthly subscription service is the right choice. Other times you may need a high-end custom made site with intense daily and monthly upkeep. The right choice is 100% dependent on your target market.

Your website should not only be a dynamic extension of you and your business it also should be the path of least resistance for you to access your clientele, and for your clientele to flow organically back to you. This is why we call our company memeFLOW. A meme is an idea that spreads naturally and flows through a culture.

All the data on you and your target market is available. The question is will you invest the time and energy in research before designing and building? Building a website is as easy as buying a watch. You can impulsively pick one off the shelf and only think about its base functionality. Or you can understand all of its features and purchase the time piece that best represents you and broadcasts the message you need for your professional and social status. You can even purchase several watches and wear different ones on different days (Similar to landing pages which will be the topic of a future blog post). A website requires deep thought and focus before construction. As well as continual analysis for regular adjustments and updates.

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Concepts to consider which will be addressed in future blogs:

  • Landing pages: multiple points of entry for different clientele
  • Outsourcing analytics: Understanding and translating analytics into usable business goals is time consuming and requires expertise in the field
  • Staying Relevant
  • Constant updates and changes to your site
  • Understanding how search engines deliver specific information to specific people.