What is Relevance?

Relevance is the keyword and concept for anyone who wants to have a successful online experience. Step 1 is to know what it is you want or need. Relevance for branding is significantly different from relevance for sales. These are often very different campaigns and / or landing pages of your site.

It is important to stay focused and not get lost. A business must always consider:

  • Frequent reviews of Social Media and Website Analytics
  • Making frequent adjustments to both site and social posts based on analyzed data
  • Keep up to date with popular and relevant hashtags, industry news, current events etc..
  • Remain relevant to your target market at all times

This requires research, thought, and planning. The execution part of this plan is relatively easy. Which is often why companies under value its importance. Being relevant means that you

  1. Understand yourself and your offering – Do a self-check here. When was the last time you analyzed your self, your presence, and your offering? Has anything changed in regulations, industry, factors that affect your business, political or economic landscape of your target market etc….
  2. Understand your target audience. What do they think, what do they like, where does your traffic come from, where does it go after it leaves your page….., What do THEY think is relevant and where can you find them?

Relevance means being in the right place, talking to the right people, and being engaged in the right hashtags, conversations, and keywords. Most importantly, it means that the search engines understand who and what you are. The search engine robots read your site and based on what they think is important make the relevancy equation or quality score. It is based on this algorithmic analysis that the search engine decides to what search queries your site answers. But this is a topic for a separate blog post. Please follow us so that you don’t miss it.

memeFLOW is more than just a development team. We are a highly skilled and trained think tank for engineering online business strategy. The data is there and accessible. Everything you need to know about yourself, your business, your target market, and your real competition is all there. The question is if you are spending the necessary resources to gather it, process it, and translate it into a relevant business strategy.

We are bi-lingual. We communicate in both Human and Computer languages and processies. Which means we can interpret all this data and present it in a way that you can understand and use. You need this information in order to operate in the present and plan for the future.

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